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Steel Works

Steel Work Outfitting Construction Services

  • Fabrication, Outfitting, and Installation of all kinds of outfitting jobs:
    • Jack Up Rigs
    • Semi Submersible Rigs
    • Floating Production Systems
    • Other Advanced Vessels ( Drill Ships, Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) units, Floating Storage Offloading (FSO) vessels, and Floating Storage and Regasification (FSRU) units)
    • Platforms (BOP Platforms, Lifeboat Platform, Koomey Unit Platform, Koomey Unit Platform, Davit Platform, Platforms for Ducting, X Band Radar & support Platforms, Water Mist Platform, Cellar Walkway Platform, Walkway Platform Cantilever to Pipe Rack, Platform in Engine Room
    • Foundations (Main Generation, Equipment Foundations, Winch Foundations, Misc. Equipment Foundations on Drill Floor for Cantilever, etc.)
    • Pipe Rack Deck
    • Trip Tank
    • Side Shells
    • Water Tight Doors
    • Barrier & Lashing Point Support
    • Anchor Bouy Support
    • Drag Chain Support
    • Outway Staircase for LQ Deck1 to Deck5

Repair services for all kinds of outfitting jobs on the vessel

We also supply skilled labours (such as: Supervisor, Electrician, Quality Control, Fitter, Welder, Rigger & Signalman, Alignment, & etc.)

AAL Tech Marine and Industrial Engineering Pte Ltd.