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The director and senior management of AAL Group acknowledge the importance of providing all our employees, clients, and contractors alike with a safe and healthy work environment. We commit strongly toward the prevention of ill health & injury to personnel, damages to the property and the environment. Our responsibilities are exercised by:

  • Adapting Safe working practices in line with ISO 18001:2007 safety regulations and standards and continually improving its effectiveness by establishing OHS objectives & targets.
  • Providing safe and well maintained tools and equipments to all employees.
  • Complying with all applicable OHS and other legal requirements.
  • Providing training to all employees to enhance their competence and awareness
  • Establishing, implementing, maintaining a recognized OHS management system and communicating this policy to all the persons working for or in behalf of our company

Our Occupational Health & Safety Policy and OH&S objectives shall be reviewed at least once a year and will be made available to the public, customers, suppliers and any other interested parties upon request or whenever necessary. Additionally, our staffs have organized our resources to provide appropriate activities to meet our OH&S Policy.

AAL Tech Marine and Industrial Engineering Pte Ltd.